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  • Marigold Crackerjack
    Tagetes erecta CJ

    Fantastic "Showy" blooms that are big, bright, bold, and beautiful. An easy to grow heirloom that will bloom all summer. Great for cut flowers and floral arrangements. Grow as an annual in all zones. Attracts butterflies, drought tolerant.

  • Marigold English (Pot Marigold)
    Calendula officinalis

    Easy to grow self seeding annual with bright orange flowers. Originally grown as a medicinal herb, marigolds have been a favorite garden flower since the dawn of gardening history. The flower petals are edible, and the flowers make great long lasting cut flowers. Good companion plants for vegetables, and grows well in pots.

  • Marigold French Sparky
    Tagetes patula

    Delightful little heirloom French Marigolds that produce bright colored flowers all summer long. They are self seeding, drought tolerant, and tough! Great in containers and will grow in the most difficult places in your garden with full sun.



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