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  • Kale Blue Scotch Curled
    Brassica oleraceaKBSC

    Easy to grow, curly variety. Takes severe cold weather with less yellowing than other Kale varieties. Can be harvested deep into winter. Dark green, bluish leaves have a softer 'green' flavor when cooked.

  • Kale Italian Lacinato
    Lacinato Nero Toscana

    Description Coming Soon! We have the seeds in stock and are working our way through listing them. Thank you for your patience..

  • Kale Red Russian
    Brassica napus pabularia

    Super easy to grow open pollinated heirloom variety that tolerates heat and cold exceptionally well. Produces large purple tinted leaves with a rich burgundy stem. The flavor is mild, nutty, and slightly sweet. Kale Red Russian is considered to be a "Super Food" and is high in nutritional value especially Vitamin K.

  • Kale Siberian
    Brassica oleracea Sib

    Flatter leafed kale growing to 3 feet high, with a spread of harvestable leaves reaching out to 2 feet. Tolerates weather extremes well, and the flavor is improved with frost. A delicious kale with slightly curly edged leaves and a soft nutty flavor.