Upland Cress Expand

Upland Cress


Spicy cress that is great for salads and garnishes, and packed with vitamins C, A, and K. Fast and easy to grow (30 days). Prefers cool weather so grow in spring and fall or grow indoors all year round!

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Growth Cycle:South Perennial/North Annual
Water Needs:Moderate/High
Light:Partial Shade/Shade
Height:c: Inches 4" to 8"
Soil Type:Chalky Soil
Maturity (Vegetables Only)30 - 35
Special Features:Container Growing
Growing Instructions:Sow thickly in rich, soft soil no deeper than 1/4". Prefers cool weather and partial shade in summer. Keep moist until germination 3-7 days. Maturity 30 days. Harvest leaves regularly, and before flowering.