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Reference: Amaranthus hypochondriacus
Size: : 350 Seeds

Dwarf Amaranth growing up to 16 inches with rich crimson plumes. It adds ornamental appeal to borders and is stunning when used as a low-growing plant to define specific areas. The long-lasting cut flowers dry a deep red and the green-to-burgundy leaves and shiny black seeds are edible and delicious! Cute little plants that are perfect in smaller gardens or containers.

Reference: Calendula officinalis
Size: : 500 Seeds

Easy to grow self-seeding annual with bright orange flowers. Originally grown as a medicinal herb, marigolds have been a favorite garden flower since the dawn of gardening history. The flower petals are edible, and the flowers make excellent long-lasting cut flowers. Good companion plants for vegetables, and grows well in pots.

Reference: Asclepias tuberosa
Size: : 50 Seeds

Native host plant for Monarch Butterflies. Returns each spring after sowing from seed. Deep taproots make this an excellent drought-tolerant plant for zones 3 - 9. Bright orange flowers growing two to three feet high create a fantastic display when planted en masse. An important nectar source for beneficial pollinators. Edible if cooked correctly. Used for twine and medical in folklore.

Reference: Achillea millefolium
Size: : 10,000 Seeds

Easy to grow perennial wildflower growing between 8 to 24 inches. Tiny white flowers form rosettes above slim stalks with fern-like leaves. Yarrow attracts pollinators and contains compounds used in many traditional medicinal remedies. The plant is not overly invasive, but it will spread by self-seeding or underground rhizomes. Deadheading spent blooms produce more blooms. Yarrow is excellent for use in fresh-cut or dried flower arranging.

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