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Snapdragon Maximum Mix


Taller Snapdragons in a rainbow of cheerful colors. Great for cut flowers, and ideal for the cottage garden. They are easy to grow preferring cooler weather, and partial shade in hot weather. Often grown as annuals. Can reseed without being invasive.

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Data sheet

Soil Type: All - Tolerant of Most Soil Types., Clay Soil, Silty Soil, Loamy Soil, Sandy Soil, Peaty Soil, Saline Soil, Chalky Soil
Zones: Annuals (Grow in All Zones), 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9
Water Needs: Moderate, Low/Moderate, Moderate/High
Light: Full Sun, Full Sun/Partial Shade
Growth Cycle: South Perennial/North Annual, Self Seeding Annual, Annual
Color: Mixed Colors
Height: g: Up to 3 Feet
Growing Instructions: Freeze seeds for 48 hours. Direct sow in early spring. Sprinkle seeds 8” apart into finely raked soil, firm down (do not cover) and keep moist until germination. Germination 12-21 days at 60-70F. Or start indoors 8-10 weeks before last frost date.
Special Features: Butterflies and Pollinators, Container Growing, Cut Flowers


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