July 2014: Monarch's and Milkweeds

Published : 07/22/2014 19:00:55
Categories : Seed Journal


Spot The Baby Caterpillar On A Milkweed Plant
Monarch Caterpillar on Milkweed Plant Close Up
Spot The Baby Caterpillar Here He Is Going Up Or Down? Close Up

A young Monarch Caterpillar in my daughter’s garden was a marvelous project for my seven year old grandson. Each day we would go to the milkweed plant and look closely at this amazing little creature. We took lots of photos and talked about nature. But our dreams of watching the caterpillar turn into a cocoon and then into a beautiful butterfly were not to be. One morning we went into the garden to see how our little caterpillar was doing and all that was left was a mouse dropping. Our caterpillar was no more. Our caterpillar fed the mouse, the mouse fed the owl, the owl droppings fertilize the garden, another milkweed will grow next year, and another baby caterpillar just might make it now the mouse has gone! The cycle of life...

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