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  • Amaranth Burgundy
    Amaranthus hypochondriacu RB

    A tall, edible plant with intense reddish purple leaves. The large elegant flower plumes produce an abundant amount of seeds. The seeds are preferred for grain and flour. Its size and color make it a wonderful addition as a backdrop for borders.

  • Amaranth Pygmy Torch
    Amaranthus hypochondriacus PT

    Dwarf Amaranth with rich crimson plumes adding ornamental appeal. The flowers dry nicely and the green-to-burgundy leaves and shiny black seeds are edible and delicious! Cute little plants that are perfect in smaller gardens or containers.

  • Amaranth Red Garnet
    Amaranthus tricolor RG

    A tall, beautiful and edible plant for the garden. Use in salads, cook as greens, or grow for the seed heads to make flour or popcorn. Sprouts for microgreens are ready in 15-30 days. Grows well in heat which intensifies the color.